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Walter Goldstein, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Mandaamin Institute, Inc.

W2331 Kniep Rd, Elkhorn WI 53121

Dear Friend,

An anonymous donor generously contributed $25,000 and presented us with an opportunity to receive an additional $25,000 as part of a matching grant if we can raise $25,000 from our donor base by January 6, 2020.

This stimulated us to begin to build a community of people who want to support what we are doing. We've received donations from 53 generous donors and a donation of two, new condition incubators for our research from Uriel Pharmacy. $3095 was raised within the last 24 hours from 40 of the 53 generous donors, and with one last repeat donor filling the last gap of $855, we were able to fulfill the goal of reaching $25,000!

We deeply thank all of our donors for their generous contribution to help further our critical work to sustain humanity, our co-domesticates, and the Earth into the future. Despite our modest budget, with our high quality, nitrogen efficient corn we are making large strides to combat climate and environmental problems and to make agriculture more sustainable.

We intend to utilize the funding we initially received to continue to upgrade our fundraising work and presentation in general. The money we now raised from you will be utilized to put in place some of the infrastructure that we need to do research, including seed production and cleaning and installing the incubators needed for seed and food quality work and biodynamic research. The money that we hope to receive as a match from the initial donor may be used to fund that quality research, possibly by hiring an intern, as well as some educational efforts.

While we've met our recent goal, if you'd like to continue donating that is gratefully welcomed! The Mandaamin Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, so all donations are tax deductible.


Walter Goldstein